Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, tomorrow morning I'm leaving on a jet plane to go see these people....

These are actually some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Throw in a really hip Nana and it's going to be a fantastic trip! My little baby sis is graduating college and I am so glad that I get to be there! I am also super excited about visiting my crazy alma mater for the first time since graduation.
I'll also get to see some life long friends and their new babies and I'm going for a second round of acupuncture for my sinuses. So far my sinuses have behaved themselves but it wouldn't hurt to give them a little workout before the big allergy season hits in the summer with ragweed and such.
Some other things I'm looking forward to.... La Madeleine (fat free caesar, pasta salad and strawberries... mmm), freebirds, whataburger and other such things.... oh and I definitely don't mind my parents addiction to Starbucks and Sonic. I guess I'll let them drag me along! =)
It will also be fun to get to see the baby and her fiance together for the first time (for me) since they got engaged! Maybe we'll find me a bridesmaid dress somewhere in there as well. (8wks post pregnancy is going to involve some creativity and top support! hahaha)
If I can remember to take the camera I'm hoping to get some shots of the engaged love-birds, my super skinny parents and of me at 18wks! We find out a week from tomorrow what we are having!!!

All Hail the Mighty State!!! (hehe)


Jessica said...

This post should make me happy...instead, I'm sad.

I would probably give my right arm to see you this weekend.

Turns out, I'll be in Amarillo visiting my cousin or I might just consider drivin on out to CS.

Miss you. Love you. I guess I'll have to come visit KY soon!

Joanna J. said...

I hope I get to see you while you are here!