Friday, May 8, 2009

The Island...

So, we watch Lost. Drew prefers Heroes but we still keep up to date on Lost via the internet. It is crazy.
BUT... this post is not at all about Lost...sorry!!!
We just got an island of our very own... in the kitchen! That's right all of my hubby's promises were fulfilled Wednesday when he drove me 2 hours to IKEA in the rain and helped me to pick out the most fantastic island. He then drove me all the way back and came home and set it up in a jiff! I LOVE IT! I can't believe we ever had a kitchen with out it... it fits so perfectly and is so convenient.
So, here are the pictures... enjoy
Next weekend.... the STAIRS (hear the daunting music playing in the background)!
This hubby of mine is amazing!

In other news... Texas people always say they have the craziest weather... now I hear Kentucky people say THEY have the craziest weather. I am here to testify that weather is just crazy.... no matter where you are.
I woke up to sunny clear skies, then it stormed with lightening, thunder and flood-like rains alllll afternoon and here I sit looking at a sunny cloudless sky again... crazy.

Oh and ps. I am DONE with school, turned in my last final and paper of the semester today!


Courtney said...

The whole kitchen looks amazing! It's hard to remember what it even looked like less than a year ago. You guys have done a great job.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, what a huge difference! It's gorgeous! and practical! I am SO impressed
your other mother

Joanna J. said...

Wow! That looks great! I love my island, too.

Brandon said...

atta boy, Drew!