Wednesday, April 29, 2009

15-16 Weeks!

A picture as promised.
This is the first sign of the baby pooch... it looks a lot bigger in my eyes than in this picture (which is fine with me)!
Trust me, that was not there before and I didn't just eat a big lunch!
AND, this is one of my maternity shirts!


Anonymous said...

You are so cute and adorable! I love to read what you've written (even if you do talk about yukky things like vomit!). Keep those pics and thoughts coming - the tiny baby lew pooch is precious - am anxious to find out who he/she is :)
g'ma lew

Anonymous said...

p.s. SO happy abt J & E!!

Robyn said...

Oh the little pooch! It's funny how you always think it's so big, but nobody else can really tell. My belly finally popped out at about 20 weeks. You're cute and just getting cuter!

Joy said...

That is the tiniest baby pooch for a 16 week pregnant woman. You're so cute. I was clearly putting on the pounds (baby & otherwise) by then.
You're adorable as always. Miss you, friend.

Joanna J. said...

You're a beautiful mama. I can't wait to find out more exciting news at the next sonogram! :)