Thursday, April 9, 2009

All That and a Bag of Chips

Hahahahaha, do you like the picture? Well, people, you wanted a belly shot... it just so happens it's a belly shot that shows NOTHING! hahahahaha, I crack myself up sometimes. That is actually me, right now, in my husband's t-shirt at my favorite coffee shop sippin' on passion fruit tea.
Sorry for the lack in updates, I am working on two huge projects that are intense but are actually turning out to bless me at the same time. I'm really learning so much about Jesus and myself as I write and research for these projects... praise the Lord that he teaches us in every situation!
Today, I decided to embrace my pregnant-ness. Now, mind you, I wasn't un-embracing it before. I gave up sucking in a long time ago and have decided this is the one time I can look overly full all the time and not care! Today, however, I took it to the next level.
I got off work and it was... is... a beautiful day outside and met all my requirements for a walk (close to 60 or above and sunny). So I got home and got ready for my walk. Where are all my t-shirts? No clue. They are gone or no longer decent for public view. Well, I was determined to go on this walk in comfort and then I remembered... just a day or two ago my husband was pretend harassing me about stealing his clothes. It's true, we semi shrunk one of his long sleeve quarter zip light weight shirts that is super outdoorsy... so I stole it. But he likes it on me... he just likes to give me a hard time. Then there are the shorts. We both worked at the same summer camp in college and one summer they had these awesome jersey shorts... I wanted them but got a tshirt instead (which is STILL my favorite tshirt 5+ years later). However, one day when putting away said husband's clothes or something I spotted these shorts and I had NEVER seen him wear them... so I commandeered them. (Let's face it... they were destined for me all along) Who could blame me? I wore them almost every day to work out until they HAD to be washed. He tried to steal them back a few times but he forgets that I do the laundry and put the clothes away and know better where his things are than he does! HAHAHA... plus I am a determined finder (ask my mom and sister... I was always the finder in the group when sunday shoes and hair bows went missing). Then toward the end of last summer I was desperate for more running shorts and BORROWED another pair and sometimes I give them back after a while... =)
ANYWAY, back to the story... this conversation came to me like a revelation and without hesitation I opened husband's drawer and pulled out a tshirt... I thought, "I would never do this unless I was pregnant... and oh, I AM pregnant...". Every one knows pregnant ladies look good in their husbands stuff! Cheap maternity clothes!
So between my hubby's shirt and my used-to-be-too-big jeans that I wore with out a belt (and rolled up) and the other parts of my body that are getting significantly larger... I felt quite the role of pregnant woman!
I had a lovely walk.
To top off the pregnant picture I drove to the park eating DORITOS of all things. We had community group Tuesday and a guy brought snacks this week (can be great.. can be a disaster). It was AWESOME... he brought all the foods that I would NEVER buy or keep on hand... Doritos, chips ahoy cookies, nutty bars, oatmeal sandwiches... yum! So, I let myself have a splurge and finished off the bag =). These were no ordinary doritos either... they were dream doritos. Half the bag was nacho cheese and the other ranch... ummm... YUM. I can never decide and I got both and they rub off on each other to create this wonderful goodness! (note to self, need to keep some baked cheetos on hand to avoid dorito pitfalls.)
Don't worry, I also had an apple and lots of water!
So, as you can see, I am definitely still pregnant!

In other news... my sister is ENGAGED! Congrats to her and her lucky beau! I could not be more thrilled for her! AND, I get to see her and the rest of my fabulous family in May for her graduation! (and get to visit my alma mater for the first time as an alum!)
Also, my brother-in-law is getting married at the end of may and we are thrilled about that as well and another excuse to go visit the family! (ummm... I need to get my shoes... reminder.)
So 2009 is turning out to be quite a wonderful and eventful year!

Real belly pics coming soon.... I just have to remember them when Husband is home to take them!


Robyn said...

If you haven't heard of them, I highly recommend getting a bella band. They are great and allow you to wear your regular pants for a long time. I got the ones with lace on the bottom because it just looked like a cute tank under my shirt. They are worth the $$$!

Kirby said...

Linds! I can't wait to see your for real cute pregnant belly! Enjoyed the entertaining post...I was smiling the entire time I was reading it, thinking about how much I missed you!

And...I just remembered that I still have some resources to send your way!