Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Naps

Stella is hitting some sort of bump in her schedule these days. For a few days she was really wiggly when trying to eat and then in the middle of her naps she would wake up screaming. It wasn't a hungry or bored cry like usual but an all out scream that sent my mind and heart back two months when this scream was my constant companion through out the day. It is enough to bring tears to your eyes. We had already thought that maybe SJs meds were starting not to work and maybe need a switch and this painful cry was just enough to send us over the edge and call the doctor.
We switched her to Prevacid and hoped this would cure the issue. That was yesterday... and we haven't had a full nap since! She was fussier than usual and had a huge poop that afternoon, which we thought would make it better. She barely ate at all during the day and then woke up once during the night... which she never does! She woke up just as early as usual and barely ate again and then didn't go back to sleep for her first nap, which is usually her 2-3 hour nap. I finally went up to see what she was talking to and this is what I found.... (see video)
She still isn't eating or napping well but I guess we'll give it a few more days before we bug the doctor again.
If you've got the cure, we're all ears!


Sarah Cosper said...

Maggie has been on prevacid since 3 months. It took a few days to a week to see total pain free. We started to phase her off of it but she still needs half a pill a day. She is one of the only ones I know who needs it this late in life though (almost 10mo). All that is to say that if we are not diligent with it, WE PAY and poor baby hurts. So keep up with it. I think after a week you will notice a difference.

PS I have some summery clothes for SJ. We were going to walk them over but then it snowed! We'll get them to you!

Anonymous said...

the video looks dark from our end, what are we looking at,love hearing her sweet voice. mom

the lewisi female said...

Oh bother... sorry it's so dark. That's part of what is so hilarious though... she is in a super dark room and yet was totally awake and on her side arching her back as far as she could so she could look at the window next to her bed. She also managed to wiggle out of her swaddle and get her hands in her mouth... again! She did this for her entire nap time... twice!