Monday, February 22, 2010


Happy Four Month Birth-Day to SJ!
We go tomorrow to get her stats and I will update you all then.

Not much has changed since her three month birthday but she has just continued to progress in the same things. She is learning to bear weight on her legs better and is able to sit up straight with minimal help, which she loves. She is also learning to kick her feet up and over and is really close to being able to roll from her back to her stomach... the problem is, she has no desire to be on her stomach, so why try?! Stella showed us over a month ago that she is capable from rolling from her stomach to her back but since then has become completely bored with the trick and will not do it and will resist help in doing it. She would much rather plant her mouth on those hands and suck away.

This month has been tough for SJ because she caught her first cold, which lingered for quite a while and her reflux has flared back up again and thus her meds have changed. All of this has made her very disinterested in long naps or feeding. She will only nurse for a few minutes and then would rather have a conversation with me and/or suck on her hands.
When she is awake (as in, supposed to be awake) she is very happy and content. She loves her bouncy seat and watching mom or dad do the dishes, clean floors and cook. She also has a very close relationship with the ceiling fan. SJ is talking more and more and can often be heard from across the house talking to various objects that interest her.
SJ has become quite the mommy's girl and I am trying to soak it up for all it's worth b/c I know that it will be short lived. She is so much so, she refuses to take a bottle or be put to bed by any one else.
She has been waking up at 4am and we have been slowly but surely trying to move that time to 6 or 7 and with the help from our friend, the paci, she is making progress.
Our current dilemma is that we swaddle SJ up before every nap and she has gotten too big for the small swaddle but is too skinny for the next size up. So she wiggles her hands up and out of the swaddle with in a matter of minutes. However, if she gets her hands out, she won't sleep b/c they wake her and bother her. So we have been giving her the paci to distract her from trying to get her hands out and thus now she is used to a paci before bed. ugh. This wouldn't be too big of a worry except that we want to stop swaddling her and can't b/c if her hands are free she will knock the paci out and then keep herself awake with her hands. Oh the dilemma. So now I have a love/hate relationship with the swaddle. Comments and advice are welcome.
I can't wait until Spring when we will be able to go outside and enjoy the sun and nice weather. There is a whole world that SJ hasn't met yet! The spring will also bring the introduction of solid foods for SJ, a slew of weddings and hopefully a garden!


Anonymous said...

oh, baby, baby, we love you so!...
(believe it or not, sj looks like her uncle cs at that age in the photo third from the bottom)

Chris said...

Swaddle + duct tape = the winning combination

Anonymous said...

p.p. i mean the fourth from the bottom, right under the paragraph...

Tom & Franny said...

We swaddled Ryver in the small swaddle (did not realize there was a bigger size until recently when we went looking for one for Hudson!)until he was 8 months old. We just took his legs out and swaddled the upper half. Sounds strange but it worked. Good luck!