Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's officially Spring in my world!

Thank you gma Susie for making Spring such a wonderful reality.
Just after SJ was born Drew's parents came to visit and catch a glimpse of their first grandbaby. While they were here Gma S dug out all the weeds in the flower bed by the stairs and planted some flowers. I had no idea what she planted (too tired to care at the time) and so when little green shoots began to spring from the ground I started to get excited! This week our daffodils are in full bloom... they are the first daffodils I have seen in our neighborhood or around town! They really make our home so much brighter. Then today our little tree started blooming pink and white flowers all over! We are in the process of digging up the bush version of that same tree on the other side of the yard in order to plant our garden! We got Drew and axe for his birthday so he can finish the bush off. I am planning on tomatoes and zucchini for sure. I also planted some basil, cilantro and spinach in the other little flower bed gma S dug up by the porch! Yay for Spring and fresh flowers, herbs and veggies. I can't wait to see if they will grow. I purchased a beautiful black, white and pink watering can... I'm sure that the plants will want to grow even more once they realize they are being watered from a pretty watering can. =)
Tomorrow SJ is being dedicated at our church. I am so excited and hope to post video of the dedication after it happens. We got SJ the cutest little dress that will double as her Easter dress (it was about $10!). It's brown with pink polka dots and pink leggings to match! She is seriously cute. In other SJ news... she is still growing like a weed... now in 6-9mo. clothes! We are realizing more and more that we are going to have a hard time keeping this one in clothes... she outgrows them so fast and we don't have much from here on out... I'm keeping my eye on sales (we also accept donations =) ). I think that SJ is also at the very beginning of the teething process (another milestone I am not ready for!). If you put your finger in her mouth she will bite on it instead of sucking on it most of the time. She is drooling even more than before (who knew this was possible) and has been eating less and a little grumpy. I don't feel anything for sure yet but it seems like that might be around the next corner. She is still so much fun and full of smiles though. She is also getting better and better at sitting up on her own and is able to roll over to either side from her back (she can roll all the way over but refuses to do it any more). She will be 5months old this week! So little and yet so big!
Here's a sneak peek at a photo shoot that will be used for gma presents and the baby dedication....

**photo credit to Bethan Rogers**


Courtney said...

Wow! All those pictures are beautiful, but the one of you and SJ looking at each other made me catch my breath. Too sweet!

Maggie Ainsworth said...

I seriously love these pictures, Lindsey. You are both so beautiful! And, we miss you guys too. Give that sweet girl a cuddle for me. Wish we could see her be dedicated tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Bethan for AMAZING pics! I'm so happy to see you have daffies! and the herbs by the front door sound like a great idea.
re: teething - a young mother recently told me how glad she is that she was still nursing when her 5 mo.-old started teething - wonderful to be able to soothe & comfort w/nursing in the middle of the night :)
blessings for today!
gma s