Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy 28th!

Today is the 28th birthday of the man that I adore.
I can honestly say that Drew is the largest blessing that I have ever received (and I don't mean physical stature)! Drew has such a caring heart and a desire to help others in any way he can. He is known to empty his pockets for those in need and is deeply hurt when those around him are hurting. The hubs is also pretty hilarious and can be seen on any given day cracking up his wife and daughter with many a dance move or funny accent. Over the last three years I have been so privileged to watch the Lord grow Drew as the leader of our home and in our church. I have seen him go from the quiet listener (which he often still is) to the shepherd who isn't afraid to preach it! Drew works tirelessly at a pretty thankless job in order to provide for his babes and he has been honored and respected there too (as evident by his many promotions). I know the Lord has good things in store for Drew and I am looking forward to the end of a very hard season in our lives and hopefully a little more sunshine in his 29th year of life!
Please be praying for Drew that the Lord would continue to grow him through out this next year of life. Please pray for his health (he's been sick on and off for over a month now) and that the Lord would provide a new opportunity for a job where he can glorify the Lord and use his passions/talents.
Feel free to leave a word of encouragement to Drew in the comments!


A&M in nevada said...

we are praying for you ,your health and JESUS BLESS DREW WITH A NEW PLACE OF WORK THAT GLORIFIES YOU amen

Larry said...

I agree that Drew has been a tremendous blessing to you and also to your parents. I prayed for years for a Godly man to love you and take care of you and God was gracious to answer that prayer. It is threw trials that we are both refined and allowed to demonstrate the effect of grace in our lives. but, I pray that a season of refreshing will come,too.

Maggie Ainsworth said...

Happy Birthday, Drew! We are so thankful to call you friend! I wish we could be around to watch you love on your baby girl because I bet it is just about the sweetest thing ever :)

We love you and your sweet family!
The Ainsworths

p.s. we'll be praying for a job opportunity in the great city of Pearland, TX :)

kathryn said...

Hope you had a Great Birthday Drew, This photo is the sweetest, Lindsey, you have just the most awesome husband and beautiful baby girl.You are truely blessed.
Love each of you,
Kc & family
Pearland is a great city, ( only 45 min away from me!!!)