Thursday, April 1, 2010

Great News

One of my favorite bloggers is offering a free giveaway from Lime Ricki bathing suits. These are THE CUTEST, MODEST....let's say that again... CUTE AND MODEST bathing suits I have ever seen. I wanted one last summer but was huge pregnant so I held my breath and waited until this summer... the day I was going to purchase one I saw she would be hosting a giveaway and/or promo code for a discount so I waited a little longer and here it is... I'm only sharing this with you b/c of my selfish desire for another entry... not b/c I want you to win it (just being honest hahaha)... b/c I want me to win it... however, since I NEVER win things, I would be happier if some one I knew won... so go ahead and check it out... here's the link
Even if you don't do the giveaway you should check out Lime Ricki online... I'm going to get the Claire top (I mean it's name is Claire, my sis' name... and it's cute!)
In other news, I am sick sick sick and have been since monday (you don't want the details, trust me).
Today is the first day I've been able to even sit up for more than a few minutes with out dire consequences and a friend just took SJ and so I'm actually headed back to bed.
Please be praying for us that we will all get well and that SJ will be spared from any sickness from her parents.

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