Monday, April 5, 2010

He Is Risen!

He Is Risen Indeed!
Happy belated Easter to every one!
We had a fabulous Easter, especially considering how last minute all of our planning was and how sick we have all been around here!
First I want to comment on our Easter Service. We went to the evening service as usual but we chose to walk with SJ in the stroller since it was such a wonderfully nice day. This was great b/c I felt all energized for worship! The worship was so well thought out and pointed us again and again to the empty tomb of our Savior... and not only that... but what that empty tomb means for us today. It means no more guilt in life and no more fear in death!
I have mentioned that stuff has been rough around here for a while and that sometimes gets me a little down about the Lord... wondering what the work is He is doing in our lives... wondering if and when he will ever answer so many prayers we have been praying for a long time. Wondering if he really deeply loves us or if we are just ordinary... you know the thoughts. Well, Sundays are always such a great reminder for me to let go of all the guilt those doubts bring and let go of the fear and let the Holy Spirit work in my heart. I love going to a church where we sing such gospel centered songs b/c even when my faith has been weak all week, I can heartily sing songs that are filled with truth. And as I praise my Lord by declaring his awesomeness... I am also reminding my heart... remember, we know these things... they are true. It's always refreshing. Even more so on Easter Sunday! I was refreshed and reminded anew of my Savior's deep love for me and that God has a wonderful Plan that is unfolding even today and that he wasn't out of control when the Lord lay in the tomb and he is not out of control today, thousands of years after he rose again! Amen!
We had two really fun celebrations with our church family also! First we had brunch with some really great friends from our community group! I made a quiche with bacon, mushrooms and spinach and I was so thrilled it turned out perfect! I haven't made quiche in forever and I was unsure of the recipe but it all turned out great! We also had some roasted potatoes and a cinnamon french toast casserole. We also had juice and tea, which we drank in our crystal (made it seem much more festive!). We had so much fun and SJ did GREAT and napped the WHOLE TIME! I was amazed. She basically had the perfect schedule on Sunday and was so much fun all day long!
Then after church we had some more great friends come over and they brought with them a roast with potatoes and carrot (an all time fave of mine) and I made braided bread and individual chocolate/strawberry triffles! YUM. It was SO delicious and the company was outstanding. We talked about life and ministry and food... it was a really great time.
We also got to have a relaxing afternoon with just the two of us and we sat out on the porch and enjoyed the perfect weather.
I am so grateful for such a wonderful and restful day to celebrate our Lord!
Here are a few pictures we snatched... obviously none of them are great but they are fun nonetheless!


Joanna J. said...

These are great pictures! Stella is so precious!

Anonymous said...

how can i get prints of all these pix. great pictures! thanks for sharing! love you, mom