Friday, April 30, 2010

6 Months

This update is coming a little late due to a very fussy/teething baby, no Internet and a whole host of ants in my kitchen. So, I know you will understand. I'll make it up to you... in pictures. =)
Stella had her 6 month check up a week ago and she was 29inches long (97%) and 17.11lbs (75%).
Our doctor re-gave us the go ahead on solids but I am still dragging my feet. I did make her some sweet potatoes in the puree form and in the sticks form... so I can do some baby-led weaning but also feed her a little if I choose. I've basically been driving my self insane trying to figure out what method I want to use and what foods I want to start her on etc etc. I think, like every thing else, I'm going to have to take a middle of the road stance. I wish I could be 100% baby-led weaning and just start her on solids and let her go at her own pace but at this point she is still not enjoying sitting up to eat even and yet is super interested in food and fussy at all naps and not gaining quite as much weight. So I'm going to give her a little puree to see if that helps get her jump started and then hopefully we'll quickly switch to the whole forms of food.
More than you cared to know? Sorry.
SJ has officially stopped being swaddled and has even learned to suck her thumb. This is a bittersweet thing for me because I too was a thumb sucker. In fact, I was an advanced, extreme, skilled thumb sucker. Confession: I sucked my thumb until the third grade, when my parents put so many appliances in my mouth that I couldn't even fit my thumb in. I don't want this for Stella. I don't want a thumb addict. However, a thumb is a lot easier to deal with than a paci. A thumb never gets lost and irretrievable in the bed. And, it's so darn cute... seeeee

I stole this shot of her during a nap but the pre-flash woke her up a little... don't worry, she went back to sleep.
In other news, I survived a night alone last week while Drew went on a manly men's retreat. I stayed home with a friend and watched girly movies and ate girly food (Panera!).
Wedding season is also upon us! This Sunday will begin a shotgun of weddings for us... 3 in the month of May and 2 in June. I am SO pumped for all of these weddings but we need babysitters! I also got a new savvy (hot pink with ruffles) dress and get to get one more for a wedding I'm semi-in.
I made it through April and a killer Spring with NO sinus infections and NO bronchitis. That might be a first! It has been a beautiful (and chilly) Spring and SJ has really been enjoying her stroller and car seat... which makes it that much better!
I'm also working on changing the way we eat/live. We are switching as much as possible to whole foods (aka no sugar free, fat free, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils etc unless it's naturally that way). Don't worry... I'm not completely going off the deep end. I still enjoy the occasional (or occasionally frequent) Dr. Pepper and we still eat out and eat at other people's houses with out even worrying about it. We just want to start doing a little better in the home. I want the food we buy to be food... not chemicals (yes, I realize I am a total hypocrite and that soda is 100% chemical). I want to support farmers and companies that are working hard to be ethical in their treatment of humans, animals and the planet. I'll probably have to do a whole post on this soon... I'm still wrapping my mind around it and deciding which areas/foods we are going to change first. In all things, moderation here. I'm also trying to be a better homemaker by preparing things in advance/in bulk so that we will eat out less and also be healthier. So... this week's preview is homemade pizza crust! We love pizza...a lot... and it's SO bad for you. So I have started making my own whole wheat crust and tomato sauce and then turkey pepperoni (not whole or natural, I know). It turned out great! It got a little over done but that's what happens when babies want to nurse right after you put it in the oven! It was still tasty.

And the dough made enough for three pizzas and so did the sauce... so now I'm stocked for a couple more weeks' worth of pizza! Domestic Genius! haha
Well enough ado about nothing... here's what you really came here for....


Courtney said...

1. She's sitting!!!
2. She weighs more than Miriam.
3. That pizza looks delicious.
4. Call us for some of those babysitting opportunities. We are no longer popular and therefore have no weddings to attend.

The end.

Joanna J. said...

If I were there, I'd babysit for you! She's precious.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the pictures.. as always...
I just want to let you know.. in case we haven't already talked about this...(and we might have)
That I was a thumb sucker until 3rd grade too! It was highly embarassing when I had to sleep at friends' houses... SO i totally understand the bittersweet feeling!
Can't wait to see you guys.
Love Katie aka Aunt Kaykay

Larry said...

precious baby