Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh Stella Jane

Stella is quite the mover and shaker these days.
First of all I am fairly certain that she is officially teething. The drool, which was already out of control, has reached new heights or maybe it's depths. Whatever it is... it's A LOT and it's all over everything! This is also confirmed by the lack of naps being taken in this house. SJ will look tired and be scheduled for a nap and I'll put her down and she'll talk and moan for a while (which she never has done at the beginning of a nap before) and then maybe drift off for 30ish minutes and then moan for a couple of hours. I have tried everything! I would go in and give her the paci, rock her, shhh her, get her up, let her cry etc etc and nothing was helping. We kept her up longer, put her down sooner... no naps were happening. Yesterday I about lost my wits. On top of this she is also either not eating much or becoming a speed eater and she moans (not a really sad moan but just a noise) while she eats. Hmm.. I had been holding out on the tylenol b/c I don't want to just give her drugs with out knowing what is really the case. But yesterday, at my wits' end I decided to check out the Hylands Teething Tablets I had from Whole Foods and I realized that it was totally homeopathic and that there wasn't anything harmful in them and they are all natural. So, I gave her a small dose right before a nap and bing bang, ladies and gentlemen we had a nap! However, it was the last nap, which she usually does take b/c she's so tired from a day of no napping... but still. So I tried it again this morning. Right before her morning nap I gave her a dose of it and she SLEPT HER WHOLE NAP THROUGH! I had to get her up when it was time to eat! YAHOO! So, that confirms it in my mind at least, that we are officially on the teething track.
I'm not really excited that she's teething but for her sake I hope they come in quick so she isn't in pain for long.
We also tried our first go at solid food... sweet potatoes. They were not a hit. She kept acting like she was gagging (even before I put them in her mouth) and then quickly spit them out each time. Thankfully, I am not in a hurry for her to take solids and thus just laughed about it the whole time. I let her try to eat them herself and she was really interested in squishing them but not in putting them in her mouth.
However, we did learn that she can drink from a straw. She is always reaching for my Sonic cups (which are full of WATER) and I always let her try and then Sunday she got a big mouth full... but drooled most of it on Dad. Yesterday and today I let her try some milk I had pumped after a feeding and she drank about an ounce each time! WOO HOO SJ! She also likes to drink her rice cereal from the bowl these days instead of being spoon fed... so I usually oblige, it's actually less messy.
Another new trick is rolling over in bed. She does this about once a a day it seems and it's usually if you leave her in her crib after she has awoken from a nap... she hates this trick and yet continues to do it. I think it's hilarious and can now pick out that particular cry that means, "I've rolled over and I can't get back!". HAHA!
SJ has received several nice presents from adoring gmas and so we had a little photo shoot... enjoy!


Anonymous said...

such a cute baby! gigi

cal+claire said...

Straw! Nicely done!

Joanna J. said...

Love it! My favorite is her holding the wooden spoon. Very cute!