Saturday, May 22, 2010

7 Months!

Stella Jane is 7 Months old today!
I don't know how much she weighs or how tall she is because we don't have another appointment until her 9 month check up. I would guess that she is around 18-19lbs and probably 30ish inches tall. She is wearing anywhere from 6-12 month clothes depending on what it is.
Month seven was a little rougher on SJ and mommy because our nap routine some how got lost and the little missy decided she didn't need much of a nap in the morning or afternoon and thus was often a very tired and fussy little girl. However, she is usually pretty reliable when it comes to night sleep and will usually sleep 12ish hours a night.
She is still teething but those suckers seem pretty allusive, which is okay with me as long as we are nursing.
She loves her mommy and daddy but is becoming better and better about being around other people and has even found some little friends that she will let play with her too (London and Liam being at the top of that list).
We have been cloth diapering more and more this month and hope to continue to do that more often in the coming months (after we get the next size up!).
Stella said mama and baba starting on mother's day and has since made some noises that sound a little like pa and da and la but that mostly happens when her mouth is full of food and she is rolling it around on her tongue.
Speaking of food, Stella has had sweet potato puree several times and liked it and she loves gnawing on slices of apple or pear. We are hoping to try peas and some other veggies in the next month. We are still nursing four or five times a day.
Yesterday Stella started getting up on her hands and knees on her very own and doing a little rocking/bouncing motion before falling back on her belly. She will only do this when no one seems to be looking and so it's very hard to catch on camera. If she sees you looking at her she will just lay there and kick her legs and smile. She definitely likes the attention. I did sneak some pictures though (they are bad b/c I literally grabbed the camera and pointed it in her direction and started clicking).

She can roll or scoot to just about anything she wants and so I think this is the beginning of the end... no more leaving her on the mat to do the laundry or dinner, she is curious about everything.
To celebrate her 7 month birthday (ok, not really because of that) we let her have a slumber party with my mentor and her three kids! They took her last night at bed time and let Drew and I have an overnight date and it was GLORIOUS. We went to this great pizza place and then came home and watched a movie. Then we got to sleep in (8 oclock!) and then went to this great breakfast place. We got to sit on the patio in the sun and it was about 65-70 degrees. Drew got the Hearty Breakfast which was three eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, pancakes, fruit and a biscuit!! WOW! He was gracious enough to share some of it with me and the pancakes tasted like funnel cake! I got a breakfast taco that was amazing and biscuits and gravy. It was the best breakfast outing ever! Then we went to pick up the little muffin and took her on a walk in their gorgeous neighborhood. She was so happy to see us.
Now she is napping and we are off to do yard work.
Happy Saturday!

(this is the same cabbage patch face I was famous for as a baby)

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