Monday, May 17, 2010

The Good, The Bad and...The Fussy?

So this weekend was a whirlwind of craziness... but in a good sort of way. Saturday I attended a baby shower in honor of my dear friend and mentor's baby that they are adopting from Ethiopia. I had to get Stella up from a nap to go since Drew was working and so I cleverly put her down a little early so she would get at least an hour in before having to go. This worked like a charm and she was so wonderful and friendly the entire time. She came home and ate well and then took a monster nap in the afternoon. Success!! Sunday we had to attend morning services because we had a meeting at the evening service we usually attend and so we did the same trick with Stella Sunday morning but actually allotted her an hour and a half before church... she woke up after an hour. Oh no no no! She is so easy to train negatively but so hard to train positively (as far as sleep in concerned at least). So we left her in her crib until the hour and a half was up and then took her to church and she was still really great, though really hyper the whole time. Then we went out to lunch with a lot of friends, which was super fun for us but a bit of a stretch for the babe with only an hour of nap under her belt. She let me know this by peeing out of her diaper and all on my leg..yum! So we put her down for a nap and she took another decently long nap before night church... where she successfully stayed in the nursery during our entire meeting! YESSS! She only got upset when the other babies were crying and once they removed her from them she did fine! WOO HOO! The nursery workers were just as excited as we were!
So I knew that after this crazy weekend we would need a day to get back in sync with our real schedule so I only scheduled really calm things for us to do and left plenty of time for her usual naps. Thankfully it was also rainy outside, which helps keep the room dark for her nap. So she woke up super early, which threw off the schedule a bit but then went down well for her nap.. but then.. woke up after an hour. *sense the mother dread sinking in" I left her in there for a while (she wasn't crying, just talking to herself) and after a pretty long while she fell back asleep for about 30 minutes before it was time to eat. Then we went to the store and chilled a bit before going down for the next nap... I thought she'd take a nice long one again after such a short morning nap... but no... ONE. HOUR. AGAIN! Nooooo!
So I fed her, started a meal for some friends who just had a baby and went over to B-girl's house to have tea and bake my bread while we hung out. It was a lovely time, minus a slightly cranky baby. I came home, finished the dinner and drove it to the home of the family. On my way home with a hungry babe I started to hear this thud thud thud thud thud... and the car starts bumping and shaking and
I have never... ever...ever gotten a flat tire while in the middle of driving somewhere. Did I mention that a few weeks ago we had about 5 flat tires (the same tire) over the course of about a week. UGH! Well, this was a different tire... but that previous tire is still not fixed and thus our spare is already in commission. It wasn't just low, or going flat... it was F.L.A.T! I couldn't even drive it with out the car going bazerk and was stuck in the middle of a road with no shoulder... really it was more of a bridge. And... it was pouring rain. Great!
So I get a hold of Drew and thankfully he was able to leave work since it was right at 7 and I was able to get ahold of road side service and had a friend come and get SJ and me so I could go home and feed her since it was already past her bed time by now.
So the bad news... flat tire, rain, no spare, no shoulder
The fussy... obviously, a hungry SJ
The good? I had just stopped at Sonic, there was a rainbow right in front of me, I had Harry Potter on CD to listen to, dinner was already fixed and our road side service is free! (and I have an amazing hubby and great friends!)
Not quite the laid back Monday I was hoping for.... but as far as unplanned adventures go, it could have been way worse!!

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Anonymous said...

How great to hear the "good!" - and, wow, rainbow, food, and CD - pretty awesome!!
Believe it or not, I've had two "sympathy flats" with you the past week :)
..didn't get the rainbow, though
g'ma s