Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Wonder

Don't you wish you could experience life through the eyes of a child forever?
A world where magical air randomly blows through tiny windows in the floor all over your house.
Where a sparkle from your mommy's eye makes you laugh and produces a picture of a baby on the other side. And, oh what a cute baby at that!
Where blueberries make your eyes big and peanut butter and honey are so tantalizing to your tongue you can't help but giggle.
A place that is so full of fun you have to run everywhere just to get to it all before bed.
Sitting in a chair at the table is a major accomplishment and even going potty is a treat!
Every body is a friend and every animal a blessing in the day.
To live in a way that doesn't involve one second of TV, junk food, caffeine or sex and is still so amazing that you just wake up laughing and go to sleep singing.
What a wonderful life!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! thank you for the best laugh I've had in a long time! the opening pic alone is enough to produce unending smiles! ... and, the pottie?!
g'ma s

cal+claire said...

I love these! Hilarious! She's a brunette Marilyn Monroe (sans scandal - she's the pretty and the air vent part)

Love her, love you!

Jessica said...

Man I miss you!

the lewisi female said...

I miss you too Jess!! tons and tons! Come visit!