Tuesday, January 23, 2007

He's the man!!

Brag time. I have to post this about my magnificent husband because I know he would never tell anyone how wonderful he is... he almost didn't tell me!! So he is about to wrap up his first full month of work at Enterprize and he has really been worried about all their numbers and statistics that they do because that is what keeps you hired and/or what gets you promoted. We have been praying for the Lord to really relieve him of this burden and help him to trust more... so Drew took a step and stopped worrying about it. Well, yesterday they voted who was the best employee at their branch (this weird thing they do on Mondays that goes to the head guys) and Drew was voted #1 for the THIRD week in a row!!! WOW! Then, if that isn't enough to blow your socks off they also got the monthly report/stats yesterday for all of Kentucky and Southern Indiana and the top five sellers and what not are in red... well guess who was number ONE... that's right... DREW!! He was also number five because his store actually runs two stores... so he was number 1 for the bigger store and number 5 for the smaller store!! Isn't that amazing.. I literally couldn't believe how the Lord is working through Drew and granting us both favor in our worldly jobs! So not only is he an amazing husband and godly man but he is NUMBER ONE at his job! Wow, ladies I don't think you can top this one!!

Also, this past Sunday we got to help serve communion at our church. It was really an amazing experience. I got to hold the bread and Drew held the juice and wine and people came up and took a piece of bread and dip it in the wine or bread. When they took the bread I would say, "This is Christ's body, broken for you". Wow, saying that over and over made it really resound in my mind and heart. It struck me how deep this love was for me... and not just for me but for each of us. I felt the Holy Spirit inside of me and it was like it was him and not me saying "for YOU" to each person. I felt a connection and love for each person and a deep desire for them to understand that it really was broken specifically for THEM... that if they were the only one in line we would still say it just for them... he would still sacrifice himself for them. Wow, I can't really express it in words. It just gave me such a love for the Church and for those who are seeking and hurting and need to know that Christ's body was broken for THEM! Do you know that Christ's body was broken for you?!

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