Friday, December 29, 2006

It's A Turduckin!!

Somehow during the Christmas (actually Christmas Eve) dinner with my family the Turduckin came into play. I had never heard of such a food and now will be quite happy to finish my existence acting as if I never knew of such an item. Apparently it is a turkey with a duck inside of it and the duck has a chicken inside of it... now I am sure this is very yummy when made by some one on the Food Network, but I am also sure that when it is a ball of processed meat inside ball after ball of processed meat as my sister described it that I would be found yacking shortly after introduction! My family has this weird quirk that whatever is the inside joke for the holiday is what everyone got for Christmas that year. So no matter what size present you get, before you open it some one will make the joke that it is a Turduckin! It actually is hilarious when it's late and you are full and your cheeks and sides hurt from laughing at too many dad jokes! Usually we all joke about having records and stuff because my mom always buys us calendars but really there is no sense to it all, just good ole Thompson humour. It's really fun then because when we went to the Lewis family Christmas we were able to successfully tell the joke and no one but us thought it was funny or even heard us for that matter.
So other than the Turduckin there was more to our trip home. I had been counting down the days and it was worth it. We had a fabulous time! We saw both of our families several times over the week and got to go on a fabulous bike ride in the 70 degree Tyler winter with our friends Joe and Emily, it was good to see them since we talk about them all the time. We also stayed with Devon and David, who we also speak of frequently, and it was great to laugh with them again... they are hilarious! We also saw the Nativity which I really enjoyed and I chopped off my hair over 8 inches! No pictures yet b/c I of course don't really like it yet and haven't figured out how to fix it. I really prefer it long and think that's the only way it likes to be, but with an actual (or at least what I thought would be) winter there is too many layers and static to go on with two feet of hair, so when I decided to cut it I thought why not go all the way and donate it to a good cause... so I did. I hope they like it because I'm not enjoying my own results... oh well!
My lil sis and Drew's big bro are now here in KY with us seein' the sites of louisville, thrilling I'm sure!! We have a big party at Drew's work, my bday and then school starts. Life is not as fun with jobs and school... I liked the honeymoon days better! Now begins the period of disillusionment I'm told, thanks.
Well, that's all the news for now in the Land of Lewisi!


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday my sweet Lindsey!! Happy Birthday to you!

Larry said...

But, it was a Turducken!