Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Still Lacking Slick Hair

So I just started last week as a car rental consultant, which means I rent cars. I work in a management trainee program and if you know which one yes, we do pick you up. Picking people up is probably one of the coolest yet most random parts of my job. I have met a ton of interesting people (characters) already and a few of them are "regulars," which means that I will continue to learn more about predicting prices of gas, singing in the church choir, lawsuits, and banking.

I am not going to lie, if you rent a car from me I will shamelessly ask you if you want to upgrade to a bigger sized vehicle or if you need to get insurance from us. Also, if you decide to buy a used car from ask me about your options and tell them I sent you. Basically, I am turning into a salesman of sorts, but I promise I am lacking in the sleazy. They will let me grow out a nice mustache but I am resisting, which has to get me some credit, right? And, I have to wear dress clothes to work each day, but I am avoiding the suede ones, which again hopefully gains me some credibility.

Come on buy and rent from me, or give me a call and we will pick you up. *grin*

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