Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Unemployed to Employed!

We, the Lewisi, are both currently employed in the magnificent state of Kentucky!! YAY! We BOTH have jobs!!! It's hard to believe but a couple of days ago Drew finally got a call for the third interview and went the next morning. Then we got a great call last night and he is accepting their offer today!! We thought he was going to have to work in southern indiana... they call louisville kentuckiana b/c this is very common... but he's actually going to be working downtown which I think is pretty cool!!
I had my first day at work...sort of...yesterday and sat in a corner and observed for a couple of hours. Once I got to talk to some of the tutors I think I got a grasp on what to do and they were all really nice in encouraging me that you have to just jump in even if you don't have all the details! So, my boss thinks I'll have some clients starting the beginning of January... so I have to savor my last few weeks of freedom!! Luckily I will be busy I think because I just registered for classes and can get on my spring reading!! I'm taking Spiritual Disciplines in the Jterm and then Systematic Theology III, Into to Philosophy, and Greek in the spring! I'm super pumped and even have a class with one of my new friends here, yay!! I'm waiting for the profs to post the syllabus so that I can get the books and get started!
Lately we've actually been party animals! We had girls/guys night out on Monday which was fun, and then last night we had lunch and dinner with friends and watched a movie and today I am having lunch with friends and tomorrow is community group and we have two other couple friends that we have to set up dates with before Christmas! Basically, translation, our community group is so amazing and perfect for us and we are making some great friends!!!
MORE good news, we are going home in a week and a half!! Drew is going to start work this coming Tuesday and then we are leaving the following Sunday after church! We are going to stop in Nashville I think to visit friends and then meet some friends in Memphis and then stop for the night in Tyler!!!! Hopefully we'll get to spend all of Tyler with our favorite friends there and then head to Fort Worth so I can get started on CHRISTMAS!!! I can't wait to cook all of our favorite things and see all my hometown friends and see my sis and her new boytoy!! We'll spend some of that time in Dallas too I suppose and then start the real holidays!!
Well, soups on so I'm out!

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