Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ok, I really have time this time...

First when we were engaged we were afraid that we wouldn't get anything we registered for at Dillards. Actually, we were over blessed and got double of almost everything we registered for at Dillards and thus have tons of Dillards gift card money. At first this was exciting b/c I could have any kitchen things I wanted... well... I have it all... and we still have a ton left... we bought some Christmas gifts, we got some ipod gear, and we still have lots left. I thought this was exciting b/c I could have all the clothes I wanted.....well... Dillards doesn't have any clothes that I want! I never shop there but figured they'd have something... nada. We go every two weeks or so and there is nothing that fits or that seems quality. I could just go shoe crazy... but my hubby doesn't seem to like the idea too much! Hopefully it'll truly come in handy when the hubby gets this great Enterprize job, that we have been put through the ringer with, and get a bunch of work clothes for free to us. The problem is that since we don't have jobs really and only Dillards money I can't go buy clothes at other places either b/c they don't take Dillards money. The grocery store won't take my Dillards card, the gas station too!! What?! So we decided we are going to find people in the mall paying with cash or check and then buy their purchases for them and let them give us the cash! Creepy? NO resourceful! So today I have the Dillards blues!
However, we did have our partner meeting today with the pastor of our church and I think we might now officially be Sojourn Partners!! ta da! They call it partners instead of members b/c they say there is nothing in the bible about the church having members... but there is about partners! haha. They are hard core. Hopefully we are going to get to help launch the college ministry and I'm going to put my baked good to use through the cheer squad, encouraging other ministry's stomach's!
Beware Dillards and come visit for some great food!!

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klaya said...

i love you more then i can possibly say, and i miss you! the dillard's in ft.worth is better so we should go when y'all get here!