Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well, I know it's a little bit late, but better late than never right?!
This Thanksgiving was officially the hubby and my first real holiday together and though we were really sad not to get to go home for the holiday, we were truly blessed through our alternative! We have some great adult friends here who have taken us under their wing and I got to go grocery shopping and cook and everything just like I would've at home. We had a total blast!
I have MUCH to be thankful for this season but I will fill you in on the most recent... I GOT A JOB! Finally after almost two full months of semi-searching the Lord has placed something into my lap.. hurrah! It couldn't have come at a better moment either because I was starting to feel the symptoms of worry approaching our jobless situation! I actually applied to this place, ERTutor, three weeks ago and didn't really think I had a chance. All they wanted is for you to send in your resume via email and then wait... so I didn't really have a good resume so I just whipped up a new one and sent it out to a billion different tutor places and clerical stuff too that I thought would work with seminary stuff too. So I got an email about a week later saying they were really interested in me and thought I was a good fit b/c they needed an English/Communications and Bibilical Studies person and well... if you know me you know I was an English major with a communications minor and am now starting Biblical Theology at the seminary... woah that is a God thing for sure. Well she said in the email that she was out of town but would contact me the next week to set up an interview... amazing... so I stopped applying other places. Well, over a week went by and I still hadn't heard anything, so I started to look other places. Finally I decided it couldn't hurt to email her again and stress the fact that I was still interested and inquire if she was still in need etc... so it turns out that she HAD emailed me and it just didn't go through and she was wondering why I hadn't responded!! So she called me the next night and set up an interview for the next evening... fast pace! So I went and she seemed amused at me and said I was just what they needed and had a great smile and that the job was there for the taking. So I got a tour of the place... which it is really close to my house and in this little building and decorated really cute/schooly... and I'm waiting to hear from her to see when I go in to shadow some one before they pair me up with a student! She just got a new student too that she thinks will be perfect for me so it really is obvious that the Lord put this together exactly perfect. YAY! THEN.... I was worrying that they hadn't told me how much they pay and what would I do if it was too low... so I had decided that with me previous experience and all I would expect roughly $10/hr and then I found out they pay $13 to START! Praise the Lord, He knew I didn't want to deal with that kind of confrontation!
So... that's the update and my Thankfulness this season.... not to mention my fab husband and apartment (those two are not equal!)!! We are also really grateful for our new friends here in KY!!

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