Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Again

So I don't know who is reading this, if anyone, but I hope you have enjoyed the female postings thus far. I am guessing that mine will be shorter and much less interesting but feel free to read on. As Lindsey said, this was our first married holiday, apart from Halloween, but that doesn't really count (sorry Chris) and it went swimmingly. We have adopted parents of sorts out here in the good ol KY who have been such a blessing since we have moved up here. They introduced us to our church, gave me my temporary job, and have treated us to dinner a few times already. Then on top of all of that, they invited us over so that we could be thankful together on that great day of thankfulness. I, apart from building Bill's deck, am still jobless and pretty clueless as well as to what exactly I want to do with myself. I have applied with Enterprise, yes the car rental place, and I am floating aimlessly around in the world of limbo. In my spare time these days I like short walks to the computer lab (short because it is getting cold), paint thinner (to remove the deck stain from my entire body, and working entirely too much on a near impossible puzzle. I am at the peak of my life mind you, so these things represent me at my very best. Until next time.

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