Monday, November 20, 2006

Adventures in the land of newlyweds!

Hello world!
We made it to Kentucky, we moved in to our apartment, we unpacked our apartment and actually had people over! We have joined a church and thus a community and helped them move into a new building! We have looked and looked and looked for jobs....
Being married is great, people who are unmarried very rarely understand its greatness... most think that it'd be nice to not have to search for boyfriends...which it is... and others want to know the great mystery... which we are still getting to know... but most people don't understand how truly wonderful it can be!
I can't imagine that I wanted to come to Kentucky by myself... I would be so lonely. It's so great to now have a permanent, live-in, best friend!! It's nice when you are feeling lonely and out of sorts to not feel so lonely because he is there and he reminds me of Him, which is always a plus! Also, I have some one to cook for and who really appreciates what I cook, even if it's not really the way the receipe said it should be. Also I have a permanent door opener, box lifter and shelf reacher! He is pretty lucky too though b/c he gets a permanent chef and house cleaner and love giver, though we both do that I think! It's just nice to feel protected and it doesn't matter what snooty girls say when they give you nasty looks for no reason (why do we girls do that?) b/c you aren't competing, you've already won. It's nice to have constant iron to sharpen my faith by and some one who listens when I just need to ramble. It's nice to NOT wonder whether each semi goodlooking guy that passes is THE ONE (I don't even believe there is a ONE until you are married... then he's THE ONE!)... instead I think how much cuter and more loveable my man already is.. hahaha it's great!!
So, marriage is great, tough, and great and this will be the story of ours! Hopefully we will be able to post more pictures soon of us and our new places! Til then, love hard.

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