Friday, February 2, 2007

Things You Learn In Seminary

Pictures help you learn (ok ok so I learned that at work, not seminary.... but it got you to read it!)

So I thought since I am currently priveledged to be going to the best theological seminary in the world that I should be imparting the wisdom I receive to those of you who are less fortunate than I.... hahaha
Week One:
1. Sonic Gift cards make handy ice scrapers
2. There is a type of poetry where each poem excludes one letter of the alphabet for the entire work
3. It is possible to do a lap around the entire school in the time it would take a person to walk from the MSC to Blocker
4. I am invisible... also known as a girl going for the MDIV in a Southern Baptist Seminary
5. Seminary doesn't have to close for snow days because they know we are all predestined to be there anyways
A. Heavy snow fall is not as fun with out snow days...
6. I am still a procrastinator
7. Seminary has it's own style manual (as if all the styles we learned through high school and then the other styles we learned in college weren't sufficient) and it's own sense of humor.
8. It gets colder when the sun comes out
9. Angels sit at mall fountains
10. There is a stoll that has pink on it... do I hear degree change?!
BONUS: It has become evident to me that I was predestined to go here because... they cater chickfila to school functions!
Well, some of these are lame, but that is my week. I did however manage to ace my first Greek quiz, turn in 35 pages of writing for my JTerm, make it to every class on time and succeed in never being spoken to by a male in my class. I am the only person on campus that carries a large pink purse, writes in pink spirals and wears pink clothing on a daily basis... that is really how my friends identify me from afar.
What I'm reading
The Holy Spirit, Furgeson
Systematic Theology, The Holy Spirit, Grudem
Greek New Testament
The Secret Life of Bees (friday fiction)
What my next paper is about:
Where the people in the old testament indwelt by the Holy Spirit?
**** Please feel free to leave your comments and questions on this topic for the sake of research....

How's Drew??? He's asleep....


Larry said...

Here's an article for your paper topic:

it's from a competing seminary, but a source is a source.

Love you lots!


klaya said...

wow. you're so smart and amazing. if only i can grow up to be exactly like you....since i have thus far it shouldn't be too big of a problem! haha!


Anonymous said...

what answer did you present?


the lewisi female said...

I haven't turned it in yet... it's a lonnngggg paper but I am leaning towards they weren't indwelt but the spirit rested on them frequently... some more than others....

Anonymous said...

Who ever wrote this is a dipshit.

Anonymous said...

What kind of faggot enters a seminary anyways? You just want to molest little boys.