Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby News

22 Weeks... over half way!

I have great baby news... well baby-mama news. I am officially wearing maternity pants! That's right, today I am breaking in my brand new maternity jeans.
Now, the fact that I am wearing these clothes is only trumped by the sheer wonder of how I got these clothes. You see, no one seemed to be loaning out summer maternity clothes and so I have been stuck with a couple of skirts and dresses and a white and black shirt. Now, these are fabulous clothes but a little boring after a while and when I don't want to shave my legs. I had ordered a nice pair of gap maternity jeans over a month ago with a gift card from Christmas. Well, they fit but were a little difficult to get on and off and since I am only getting bigger, I figured that was a bad idea. Since there are no gap maternity places in this town I had to mail them back in and try and exchange them. This is the third time I have done this with their maternity clothes! Well, the jeans I really wanted they no longer carried in my size, and thus I had another gift card. Well, I heard from a wonderful friend that there was some sort of outlet that had everything under $10 for gap/banana/old navy. Well upon further research I found there was a gap clearance store just an hour and a half away. So, I begged my skinny friend to come with me and we made a road trip yesterday. She didn't have as much luck as me, but she also can be more picky with a whole closet of clothes that still fit. After hours of search and an hour of trying on (bleh) I came out with some GREAT steals. I got a pair of gap maternity jeans, originally over $50 for $6.99. I also got two short sleeved jackets and another cami all for 12.99 (combined). I got a sweater for 4.99 along with a pair of brown and a pair of black capris for 4.99 each. I also got a pair of pink capri sweat pants (mostly for the hospital stay and after) for around $2. I bought two baby onesies (brown and argyle) and a long sleeve tshirt all for under $10. WOO HOO! If we had more time I am sure I could've found even more great deals. They had dresses and shoes and unmentionables all for a steal. I might take Drew there if he ever has a job that doesn't require a suit.. it is so much like a thrift store I think he might like it.
In other baby news, Stella Jane is a very active girl. I feel her several times a day doing summersaults and kicking me... especially in the bladder! Drew has been able to feel her just about every day and we can even see her move from the outside sometimes. He has been talking to her more and more, which makes this emotional woman all hot in the eyes every time.
I am also reading a book by Dr. Bradley, of the Bradley method, called Husband Coached Childbirthing. It's a good book but also pretty outdated and kindof like propaganda. They are extreme but really get me pumped up to go natural. I have moments where this scares me to death but I think if we really prepare I might be able to actually make it. Of course, one thing we have learned again and again is how uncontrollable this whole thing is. I might labor for days and then be unable to make it natural or she might refuse to turn or show knows what. But we are going to try and prepare for natural. Next month we start a natural child birth class that is led by a Bradley and Lamaze instructor. I am excited b/c it is the only class of it's kind and really new to this area. I hope to get a more balanced perspective.. plus it's cheaper. I am also already preregistered at the hospital!
We had found the perfect place in Chicago to have our babymoon but the guy just emailed me and informed me that they have TWO indoor cats. I really don't understand why people do this. Cat allergies are one of the more common allergies and so a public place like this should really not have cats. I seriously wanted to cry. I've spent hours looking for the perfect place with the perfect price. We were going to go kayaking on the great lakes and visit this oh-so-cool and unknown city! I am hoping to find another place in the same area but if not, then I will probably just book with the B&B here in town we used last year for our anniversary... it was so nice and much cheaper but less exciting of a location.
Tomorrow we hit the sky again for another trip. I am so excited to head to the north east again but traveling is harder and harder with this belly of mine and I get tired so easily. However, I would not pass up this trip or the chance to be with family for all the naps in the world. I can't wait to see the newlyweds!
Until I have internet again, God bless!

the clothes...


Jessica said...

October, huh?

We should be able to try and make this work out. What time of the month would be best for you, friend?

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

I thought you said no pink? But you just got the cutest little pink onesie! I've heard such good things about that outlet and I'm glad you made the trip and got such good deals. Your sweet wee belly is getting to look like a seriously pregnant one. Hoorah!

Joanna J. said...

Ooh, I just love bargain shopping! My best finds have been at outlet/clearance stores. Almost my entire maternity wardrobe was from Old Navy at the Tanger Outlet!