Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, we are finally back in Louisville after all our many traveling adventures. Last week we left for four days to go to Duxbury, MA. Drew's great aunt passed away back in the late fall/early winter and the family decided to wait and do her memorial in the summer when every one would be able to come in. She left Drew's mom her house in Duxbury that was built by her parents in the early 1900's (like 1907 or something... Susan could tell you). This place is amazing. The town itself is like stepping back in time. There are no cigarettes on the street and every one keeps their lawn mowed and full of fresh blooming flowers. I think over half the town has an ocean view. It's just a wonderful place over all and we love going there every summer. We took the camera again, promising each other to take at least one picture but we didn't. We were having too much fun with all the family to remember such a detail... plus Susan and Gran and other family members take enough pictures to last any one a lifetime (we love you guys). It was especially great to be with Drew's brothers and their respective others, this is the most we've been around them all in one year and they are each so different and fun. We ate a lot of apples, went on a lot of walks and ate a lot of cape cod chips! What more could you want in a weekend?!
So, you don't leave without a picture... I am going to post a picture of the bedding we are hoping to use for Stella Jane (if I can ever find a good deal on a crib!). The brown and white polka dots is what we are using for the bumper and dust ruffle (and I really like that crib too!) and then the pink/yellow/brown is the crib sheet we are using... well one of them. We registered for more sheets but these are the things we already bought b/c they were on sale and I was afraid they would be sold out before I had a shower of any sort.
I'm also officially unemployed... well, actually full time employed at home! Yesterday I vacuumed and mopped and cooked dinner after running many errands and meeting with my mentor. One of my errands was to the nose doctor and I am happy to report a clean bill of health! He scared me for a second when he said he thought he found a pollyp but after further investigating (which, by the way is not so pleasant!) it turned out to just be gunk and not permanent! YAHOO! I was going to be so disappointed if I had another issue on the horizon. Ever since we went to Dallas (shakes fist at cats) I have been fighting off a massive infection but I thought I had concurred it while we were in Duxbury... something about that ocean air seemed to clear me out... so all that to say, I was hoping to not have any permanent issues and so far so good!! That means I have a good chance of breathing through the rest of this pregnancy and getting to nurse Stella for longer (since I won't have any impending surgeries). Praise the Lord that he has kept my allergies at bay and given me healing through out this season. Please continue to pray that I can maintain a healthy nose!
Sorry this is all so jumbled... I am sort of scatter brained today! I have another OB appointment today as well so pray for that and that Stella will be healthy and her mom won't have gained too much weight... I am growing rather rapidly lately!
About those pictures....


Joanna J. said...

I'm glad you got a clean bill of health. I love your fabric choices! And congrats on the career change! (I've never looked back).

Joanna J. said...

One more thing...we ordered Grace's crib from It was very inexpensive and we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of construction for the price. Of course, consignment stores and kid's resell shops are great places to look, too!