Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Pictures

Well, I have been with out internet access or time to access it even if it was accessible.
Last week our beloved brother Chris Lewis got married to a wonderful and beautiful woman.
Leading up to the wedding was perfect mania of non-stop prewedding craziness! We did programs, lunch. our nails, cakes, JD's, rehearsals, pictures, dinner, decorating, more decorating and finally a wedding.
It was hard for this pregnant woman to keep up with all these skinny women... it really made me realize how much slower I am "with child". I was having a hard time keeping up the 12 hr + schedule with long breaks between meals. Drew and I would barely see each other it seems and often would fall alseep with all our clothes on and the light on... it was like once we stopped, we just blacked out until that terrible alarm. My husband's fancy phone alarm is only very slightly less annoying than his alarm at home. The tune was all too cheery and all too like a march... I need something subtle in the morning to ward off grumpiness. (did I ever mention that I had an alarm that crowed like a rooster as I entered into adolescence? and my parents wondered why the teens make a child grumpy! I paid them back for that gift though by forgetting to turn it off on the weekends when I was out of town... hehehe... unintentional justice! just kidding mom and dad... about paying back... not about the annoyingness of the rooster)
The wedding was so beautiful. I didn't think I would get emotional but seeing Drew's older brother's lip quiver and tears streak his cheeks (choking up his dad as well) was too much for this hormonal mom-to-be. The vows were beautiful and deep, reminding me of my love for the tall man standing across from me... he made eye contact with me a few times and told me through his look that he loved me and still meant those vows and I almost lost it again (or was it still...).
The reception couldn't have been more fun as we ate, danced and spoke with long lost friends from New Zealand and lots of family and friends from Dallas. It was beautiful... and we should know, we spent all day decorating the place!
The next day we stuffed our faces with those dear friends from New Zealand... well they aren't from there but recently back from there. Drew's bestie from college and his wonderful wife and friend. We then took our two pregnant selves on the hottest walk around a lake and caught up on all the gory details of marriage and pregnancy. She is the friend that taught me to be blunt, we can talk about ANYTHING with out blushing! haha they are so dear and due only 6 days after us! We are rooting for a boy and for an arranged marriage!
Then we went back to the Dallas fam to announce our baby name. Again, choosing a name hasn't been very emotional for me, more exciting and thoughtful than anything. But as soon as we announced it Susan started crying, which got both Drew and I choking on our words.
Oh, you want to know the name too?
Stella Jane

Stella for the light that has come from God into our hearts and the light that we are to be in this dark world... and conveniently also the name of Drew's maternal gma... gran.
Jane, which means the Lord is gracious.... we pray that as Stella is a light to the world and is filled with the Light that she will show the world that the Lord is gracious and realize his graciousness to her.
There are a few verses we have chosen to pray over our child that go with her name but this post is already long.

And though we took our nice camera all the way to Texas and back... we did not take a single picture. Remember, we were busy! haha. But I do have a few from the house renovations!


Joanna J. said...

I love the name Stella Jane. And I also love that you chose a name that is meaningful in so many ways. A person's name was very important in biblical times, and I think it's nice to mirror that tradition in today's world.

Now we can pray for little Stella by her name!

Jessica said...

I love it I love it I love it!

I can not wait to meet Stella Jane. I also cannot wait to see her parents. It's been too long.