Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy One Month Birthday SJ!

Yesterday Stella celebrated her first birth-day... hurray!
She celebrated by sleeping just a little during the day after a week-long protest of day time sleeping and still managed to sleep for 6ish hours at night! She also mastered rolling on to her stomach and side during the night when no one was looking (amazing and terrifying).
Stella got to play with her Aunt Claire and her mom and dad on her birthday and didn't have any wheat in her milk all day (I cut out wheat starting yesterday to see if it helps with the gas issues) and got her third dose of probiotics (which seem to be helping with the gas too). She also went to church and blew out her diaper (first blowout outside the house) on dad during the sermon ("it's my party I can poop if I want to").
Today she got to go visit her pediatrician and find out just how wonderful she is. We're also re-evaluating the reflux issue... again.
Update: Weight 9.14 Height 221/2
Started up on Zantac for the reflux

**pictures thanks to jschmale


the lewisi male said...

We celebrated the occasion by kissing some more, like in the first picture.

Check out Jess' website at:
or the other link to your right that says Jess.
She is an awesome photographer and an even more awesome friend to our family! Thanks Jess.

Joanna J. said...

Glad she is sleeping a little more! When I was nursing Grace, I had to stay away from some high-fiber foods. Broccoli REALLY irritated her. I hope cutting out wheat helps little Stella!

Jon & Sally said...

Wonderful pics!! She's adorable!! :0)
How's the reflux medicine working??

Larry said...

Happy One Month Birthday Stella Jane. I love you. And your Mommy and Daddy. Come see us soon.

Anonymous said...

Rolling over ?!? No way!!'ve stolen my heart...

Sarah Ganger said...

Oh my goodness, could this baby be any cuter?? I can't wait to see y'all (next week!!!) Love you!