Friday, November 13, 2009

Three Weeks

I am three weeks old! Can you believe it?
It's amazing because I know my mommy feels like it has already been an eternity and yet I am still so new and getting used to life in the real world.
Let me tell you, the real world is a tough place. Some times it's too quiet and some times it's too loud and some times it's too dark and other times it's too light. I preferred my controlled environment a lot better.
It's also rough because you actually have to wake up to eat and use all these muscles to get the food out and then to take care of it on the inside and then get rid of it again... it's really exhausting work... and don't even get me started on the burning in my throat or those gas bubbles in my tummy!
The journey begins!

At three weeks I am a pretty amazing baby... my mom is just a little bit high strung and tense... but she'll work it out... I hear moms are much better by six weeks, so I am giving her some time. I like to sleep pretty well at night for any where from three to six hours at a time between feedings. I like to eat a lot but not too often.
And then...
I just like to practice stretching out my vocal chords for long periods of time...
I'm just gearing up for all that talking I'll be doing in just a little while!

I weigh some where around nine and a half pounds and most of those pounds are in my cheeks because the rest of me is pretty skinny!
I love my daddy, Sojourn music, Bible stories and my bouncy seat with the vibration... but only for a short amount of time, gotta keep it real! I also love to poop on people... extra points if you get their clothes, your clothes and the nursing pillow or towel!
I don't like being stuck in the car seat (unless you want to drive all day) and I don't like switching sleep locations... tradition works for me! My paci is a hit or miss sort of thing... I'll let you know when I want it and especially when I don't!
I can follow things with my eyes now and focus a little on people and interesting objects (like ceiling fans) and I give some great smiles but I prefer to frown (like I said... those dang gas bubbles!).
Lots of people love me and I can't wait to see them all again in just a few weeks...

Keep praying for my mommy... she needs sleep and even when I try to give it to her she doesn't seem to be able to get settled down. She needs a lot of strength and peace (and feel free to tell her she's not crazy).


Mama Blue said...

You are not crazy, just adjusting to a HUGE change in your life. Stella is precious!

Courtney said...

I think you are funny, Stella. No, Mommy isn't crazy. Sleep deprivation just makes us feel that way. You sound like the first three weeks of your life have been good from your perspective, but if you are really three weeks old, it is time for me to see you again. I love you, little girl, and I love your mommy very much! Mr. Bill says he is amazed at how good your vocabulary is. :-)

Anonymous said...

you've grown SO MUCH since I got to see you a week ago! You are much, much loved, little one, as your parents are much, much loved.
the sunglasses on fb are awesome! keep up all the hard work!
gramma susie (or whatever you want to call me)

Anonymous said...

Stella Jane you are sooooo cute! I can't wait to see you focus on my face and reach out to grab my glasses. Tell your mom that she is amazing and that the crazy feeling is so normal and it will pass whenever you let her sleep a regular schedule again. I am so proud of her for being such a great mom and for getting skinny so fast! She is the best! Tell her the crazy feeling goes away for a time and resurfaces when you hit 13. Can't wait to see you in just a month! Love you so much! your gigi?

Jason said...

Hi Lewisi!

Sorry I've not been in touch more. We're in the middle of a relocation from our house of 15 yrs. I've been getting my updates from Susan.

I've enjoyed reading the blog and seeing the pictures. We're all looking forward to meeting SJ during the holidays. I particularly enjoyed the part covering "rules." Yeah, right... rules. The only rule with a newborn is that there aren't any. Except for the one where you question your own sanity. You three will figure out what your "normal" is and write your own Lewisi rule book. The only constant with a newborn is change. Have fun and we'll see you sson!


Larry said...

Beautiful baby, beautiful mom. You need to adjust your blog, though. All these baby posts are blurry when I read them. Makes my eyes water.

Love you.


Maggie Ainsworth said...

Stella, I love your sweet chubby cheeks. I can't believe you are already 3 weeks old and that I get to finally meet you and kiss those sweet cheeks in just a few days!! I also can't wait to hug your mommy's pretty little neck and tell her that she is NOT crazy! Love you both so much!