Monday, November 9, 2009

You Know You're a Parent.....

When your daughter completely blows out her diaper and leaves your shirt, undershirt, pants and belt all covered with a soupy mess.
That's right... Drew and I were both initiated by our very own Stella Jane this weekend.
At least she's well fed!

Who me?

In other news... we think SJ has a pretty bad case of reflux.... or has just decided that sleeping from 4am-midnight is optional. So we could use your prayers about what to do and whether to start her on medication to see if that helps.
In good other news... when we got the meds that our doctor wants us to try I had her weighed and she is up to 9lbs 4oz! That's a pound heavier than a week and 3 days ago when we last had her weighed. She is also REALLY long and REALLY skinny (minus those cheeks!)... she is too long for newborn footed pjs but too small for anything 0-3month.
She is a rule breaker... unlike her mommy.


Larry said...

Ah yes, projectiles! I remember it well.

Being a grand parent is cool.

Anonymous said...

Is Larry's comment about the coolness of grandparenting because he doesn't have to deal w/said projectiles??

Maggie Ainsworth said...

I'm praying for the reflux issues and for wisdom for you and Drew. I cannot wait to kiss that sweet face of hers in less than 2 weeks!

Jon & Sally said...

She's adorable! :)

Jude had reflux and spent his first several months crying or ralphing. But once we got him on the meds, he was a DIFFERENT baby! So yes, he still spit up a lot, but the pain and tears were OVER.

I'm praying for relief. And for the ability to embrace what He's giving you-- and lean into Him. It's the best lesson motherhood could ever teach you!

I hope your week flying solo is going smoothly!

Jessica said...

Love you, Lewisi...and your sweet baby girl - reflux, projectile poopy and all.