Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For Bethan and her peeps...

Crockpot Lasagna Recipe

In a LARGE skillet cook 1lb ground beef with 1lb italian sausage (I use med high)
After all is 99% cooked add one large (or two regular) cans of tomato sauce (homemade or store bought)
Add 1 tiny can of tomato paste and stirrrrrrrr in
Add garlic (lots), salt, pepper and lots of italian seasonings to your taste (oregano basil etc etc)
Bring to a bubble but not for too long b/c you'll have a messy kitchen
***sometimes we sauté carrots and garlic and onions and anything else you like and add them to the sauce if we think we can get away with it without Brandon knowing.... =) (it works best if you shred the evidence... especially the zucchini and carrots)
THEN (or before) add a regular size bag of Mozzarella (I use 2% kind) and either 1 container or cottage cheese (low fat) or ricotta and some parmesan cheese and mix together. (see I don't do exact measurements!)
In your unheated crock pot put a layer of lasagna noodles, meat and cheese and repeat... sometimes I only do two layers of each and sometimes I stretch it out to three layers of each
Put in crockpot on high for 8 hours I believe... Bethan you can correct that because I'm not positive about the time. But it's great to do the morning before church
We serve it with sauteed greenbeans and homemade bread... yummmmmm!!!

Note** This will not come out in your perfect restaurant square of lasagna... so if that bothers you, you can use these same ingredients and to it in a casserole dish for about and hour and a half in your oven at 350degrees (approximately)... but this is the yummiest lasagna I have ever had!! (I don't even really like the stuff usually) and it makes TONS AND TONS!! I am pretty sure you could serve about 8 people with this stuff... the most we've done is 6 but we've always had leftovers!



D.O. said...

umm... yes. I want some.

the lewisi female said...

If you come and visit us, I promise you I will make this for you and homemade bread... and if I made those things the Rogers are sure to come... so you would get two or three great experiences for one trip! Plus Louisville is super cool! So, mark your calendar!