Monday, March 3, 2008

New Beginnings

My new friend Sloane!

trying to take awkward smile pictures and cracking up!

awkward smile success!!

This weekend my long time roommate and friend got hitched. It's fun when you are married and your single friends get hitched. There is a whole new variety of things to talk about!! haha. The wedding was beautiful and very unique, just like the bride. Everything went without a hitch and every one had a blast!
I was worried going into this whole thing that I was about to spend a week alone, the weird outsider from Kentucky. My friend is from a small town in West Texas as were most of her bridesmaids... and they were all blonde.
So, I prayed. I prayed that we would all be mature and Christ-like. I prayed that I would not be selfish and insecure. I prayed that I would not feel all alone and that God would give me a friend while I was there and away from my husband for the second time in two weeks. I prayed that I would serve serve serve.
God answered.
While I was back in Texas I did make friends. I got to hang out with the Bride a bunch, which was super fun. The blond west Texas girls were very friendly and didn't even make fun of me for having brown hair. haha. I was not as selfish and insecure as I was worried I would be (not claiming to be perfect by any means!). I got to serve that beautiful bride all week and make sure her life was easy as pie the week of her wedding. He also let me meet Sloane!
God is so good. I was already amazed at the way he quickly and obviously answered my prayers and then he goes and tops my requests.. showing once again he is the Father, Creator, Originator of Good gifts!! When Bree was needing an errand run or when she was with her fiance (now HUSBAND!) I got to go around with another gal... Sloane. This girl is funny, godly, beautiful, generous, hilarious, gorgeous, artistic, feminine and talented in almost every way! It all started with getting our eyebrows waxed and then we were friends for life. I laughed so hard with this girl all day every day for a week! I never thought I would leave this wedding ready to cry over some one I met the previous Tuesday! God ordained some awesome conversations between the two of us and even just today revealed another way that we were meant to meet. He is showing us how we don't even know the depths of his foresight. I can't go into all the details but God is so good and I am thankful for Sloane.
There have been low moments this past month where I was clinging to the fact that I knew God would do whatever it took to conform me to the image of Christ... and I was willing to go through low times if that meant looking more like him... and I feel double-blessed that he gave me a friend this week when I really needed one in Sloane to help conform me to his image too.

Lord, you give and take away and my heart is choosing to say BLESSED BE YOUR NAME!!!!
Blessed be the name of the LORD!

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