Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Good Ole Days

Okay, I am lazy. I haven't posted any pictures from our most recent adventures... and there have been quite a few. I don't think I've posted the cake I made for Drew for VDay... it was a red velvet cake and I made it all from scratch, even the icing.

Then there is Bree Wells Proffitt's wedding. It was beautiful and such a fun time full of new friends and old memories! We
also visited our families in TX on that trip and ate plenty of Mexican food, donuts, Einsteins, and laughs... and some DP in there too!

Then to welcome us back from our warm weather week in the good ole state we got a HUGE SNOW!! It was about a foot... more or less depending on where you were. Our balcony was under atleast two feet of snow. I had never seen anything like it, except for on Mountains. It just kept coming down for two days. Our friends B&B were over having dinner and got snowed in and so we had a slumber party!! They stayed over and we made a minisnowman and snow angels!! The next day we were amazed at how deep the snow was and went sledding in our laundry baskets. We were super hilarious on those things and some one finally felt sorry for us and let us borrow som eof their 5+ sleds! It was all like a big unplanned festival. There were 100s of people on this huge hill in one of the city's main parks. It was so much fun. There were rich and poor, large and small, old and young... all sledding down the same hill with squeals of delights and terror. fun times. Then we drank hot chocolate with mini marshmellows and went out for bacon cheese burgers. Fun day!

Then back to school and life as normal has returned.
Drew has some interesting things going on, but more on that once things are more solid.
We are also getting ready for our trip to New Zealand to see Drew's best friend and roommate of at least 4 years... Joe and his loveable and beautiful wife... Emily. We can't wait to see these guys and miss them a whole ton. They are the only reason I made it through living those months in Tyler. And we can't wait to meet their new friend NEW ZEALAND!! We don't anticipate getting to do this sort of thing many times if ever again and so we are going to try to soak it all in! This also means I am cramming my time to finish all my school work for this week and for the week after we get back, since I won't be working in NZ.

Spring is around the corner, winter is in a losing battle. The rain and daffodils tell me so.


D.O. said...

Drew, you little rascal... I have that same jacket (the Mountain Hardwear one... not the tux one).

I miss you guys a bunch. And that's a lot.

the lewisi male said...

I am pretty sure of the two of us you are the rascal. I saw you wearing your (and was overjoyed) recently. It is way better than the tux jacket.

the lewisi male said...

I forgot the "s" on yours.