Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vote for my Dad!!

My dad is a lawyer and used to have his own private practice and now works for the District Attorney.. .he's big time. People at work know him as the ice-pick because... well, let's just say he knows how to get his way! haha. He's put countless bad people in jail or cost them fines etc etc.. he's tough and great!
However, if any of you have seen him at home it's a little different. He often still has to be tough but with three daughters and a wife he's had to develop his softer side through the years. He took us on walks, protected us against dogs and boys, had long talks and shared truth.
My dad has yet another side... maybe a combination of the two. He's a great writer!! It wasn't until middle school or high school I even found out that my dad liked to write. I always knew he loved to read but that seems to bleed over into some amazing poetry, Sunday school lessons that are better than many published commentaries and hopefully some future books!!
He's obviously just an all around great man!
SOOOOO... here's your chance to see him in action. One of his best poems has been published and he is in a competition to win some stuff if you VOTE here

Then you can check him out at his blog

happy reading!!


D.O. said...

I voted... where's my button?

the lewisi male said...

The button was on the website...I guess you missed it.