Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Do you know what today is?
Today is September 16, 2009.

Do you know why this day is important?
Today marks the ONE MONTH count down!

That's right, we are due exactly one month from today.

Okay, okay, we all know that those baby calculators are usually a little off and that really little SJ will probably NOT make her appearance on this very day.
I am actually fairly certain she will be a little later considering that I was in surgery the week that they started counting from... hmmm.
As of tomorrow, SJ is free to come into this world with out any intervention or worry necessary! CRAZY
I can't believe we are at this place. I can't believe three of our friends have delivered in the past week and a half and another one is in progress as I type!
For a few days I started to wish that SJ would make her appearance early. I mean, I am an american so I want instant gratification right? Usually I keep these feelings at bay by reminding myself that we have no place for her to sleep or sit and little for her to wear etc etc... however, lately that has been less effective in curbing my desire.
Then this weekend it hit me, Drew and I will never have this time together again. We will never be two people with out children ever again in our lives. We will never be able to erase the weight, joy, pain, etc... that comes with being a parent. And while I know this is a blessing and a sweet change... I also know that this time we have with just us is also very precious (I don't like that word but it is the only one that really fits my meaning). One of my biggest fears (and was for both of us before we even started this journey) was that I really enjoy my husband and our marriage and I am not in a big hurry for it to change. I don't want to add any factors in that may cause tension or discord between us. So more than I worry about our little one sleeping through the night I worry about the changes that will occur in me and in him and in us that will effect the way we live life together from now on.
Thankfully, the Lord has put a myriad of families in our lives who have excellent marriages and many children (at the same time!) and thus we know that He will be faithful to grow us and prune us and refine us for his glory and our good... and thus the good of our marriage.
So to end this little rant I'll end with a lighter note. People are always asking me my highs and lows and cravings and since we don't know when little Stella will arrive I'll take time now to reflect on the past 8 months.

I haven't really had any weird cravings but I have definitely had favorites among the foods I already liked..
#1. Serving me faithfully through all three trimesters and any time of day... CHEESE! I have always liked cheese and have it most days with crackers and an apple for lunch but through out pregnancy I can't get enough colby/jack in my life. Some days I make queso just because.

#2. Especially prominent in the first trimester and dwindling slowly as the third approaches... Sour Patch Kids... or really any sour candy at all. I have always liked, but never loved sour candy until pregnancy. I used to go to those candy stores in the mall and fill a whole bag with sour straws and sour belts and sour patch kids.

#3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cinnamon Bagels, Cinnamon Rolls... you get the gist.

#4. Sodas. I know, I know. I'm not supposed to be drinking sodas but more than any other time in my life... sometimes I just CRAVE a soda. Since I usually only take in water or lemonade (also a huge favorite) I usually indulge myself when I get the urge... and though Dr. Pepper was always my top fave... Coke Classic has been giving it a run for its money.

#5. Mexican food, brownies, lemonade, bakes lays, cookies etc etc etc etc...

- feeling the first flutter, kick and leg extension
-seeing the baby's movements from outside the womb
-seeing Drew talk to his baby girl
-clear complexion and healthy hair (vain I know, but true!)
-lots of sleep

-stretch marks (just being honest)
-back aches
-lack of sleep (seemingly contradictory... but it's not)
-emotions always changing

I could go on and on and maybe I'll add and revise this later... but for now that is what's on the top of my head. TIME FOR BED!


Bobby, Lauren, and Andrew said...

I love your list!! I made queso when I was pregnant with Andrew. I never do that!! I am suprised you didn't crave and chilie cheese fritos. I remember in elementary school you would always eat those at church. I am so excited that Stella will be making her arrival soon!

the lewisi female said...

I actually still LOVE chili cheese fritos but I NEVER eat them now that I have learned how to read nutrition facts on the back! Home made queso isn't half as bad as those things! I am surprised you remember that!

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Okay so after your long thoughtful post my first thought was, "Dang, I wish I had gotten that clear complexion part!" My face has never looked more prepubescent. Wawa. Worth it!

the lewisi female said...

If it makes you feel any better Sarah, my face didn't clear up until into the second trimester... my first trimester was a nightmare for my face... puberty was nicer to me than that season of pregnancy!