Friday, September 11, 2009

Nothin' Much

This week has been sort of a blur, but I can't really think what we have been up to in order to thrill you with a new tale. We are just trying to get back in the swing of things with work and church... establishing a routine and all that. Drew was off on Wednesday and so we slept in and then did a bunch of productive things together. It was a great day! It's amazing how much more fun it is to do the mundane errands when the person you love the most is with you! He even bought me a beautiful purple hanging plant when we were at home depot for some more supplies. We also ate bacon cheese burgers, which didn't hurt anything!
I also had my doctor's appointment that day, so Drew tagged along for the exciting trip (sarcasm here). He did get to hear the heart and it was racing! Last visit she was in the 120s and this visit she was getting up to 150! She must get excited to have her dad around just like me! My Dr. said I still look good and right on track... After my next visit, in two weeks, we will start having visits every week! Only 5 weeks to go!
Speaking of babies... our really wonderful friends had their sweet little girl on Tuesday (9.9.09)! She was just a few days over due and so they induced her and everything seems to have gone really well and now they have a beautiful 8 (almost 9)lb baby that seems to favor her mommy's good looks. But then again, it's hard to tell when they are still red and squishy and new. We went to visit them last night and I thought I might have to be admitted into the hospital myself because I was SO excited. I could barely eat dinner I was so jittery and anxious to meet their little one. I spent the whole day with the mom before she checked in to the hospital and I had been on pins and needles ever since. They are a really special family.
We have just a handful more friends and acquaintances that are due before us, so it's going to be a busy 5 weeks for our church family as we welcome all these baby girls into the world!
It's really hard for me to believe that we will get to meet Stella in just about a month. I have tried all along not to think about it because I have never been good at dealing with prolonged anticipation. So, I just forget about it and treat it as if it will never happen and then when it gets close... I can get VERY excited! We still have a lot to do in preparation for SJ but I know that eventually, it will all get taken care of. It's so weird to be so out of control of something so personal. I am carrying this baby around and feeding her and protecting her and yet I have pretty much NO say about when or how she will come into the world. Of course, with all our friends delivering 8, 9 and 10lb babies lately... we would be okay with an early arrival but there is nothing indicating that I will go early or even on time... most first time moms seem to go late, so I am trying to prepare myself for that. Some mornings I wake up and have actually forgotten I was pregnant until I try to get out of bed... this has become very amusing! I am like a beached whale! It take a lot of momentum and sometimes a shove for me to get out of our bed.. .especially if Drew is in it creating a crater! (same for the couch too!) This has brought on many many bouts of laughter.
Well.... without further ado... I will show you the pictures of us with the baby... I love how Drew is pretending to be unsure about the baby in one of the pictures and then looks like such a natural in the next. I can't wait to see him holding his own little girl... he is already pretty smitten with her and he just sees her kicks...


the lewisi female said...

Sorry, I don't know why the lower two are smaller.

Anonymous said...

you both look like "naturals!"
lewisi grandmother

Mama Blue said...

Love the pictures Lindsey

Maggie Ainsworth said...

You look beautiful, Lindsey! And so natural with a baby girl :) I must admit that I am super-jealous and wish I could be there to hold baby Jane and baby Stella when she decides to make her arrival.