Monday, September 14, 2009

Conquering Hero

Lately I have been hearing a lot about coupons. People back home are saving hundreds of dollars a month at their local grocery store buying things they actually use for their families! I have usually found that coupons are only helpful for yogurt, which we buy at Whole Foods or junk food, which we don't buy any where. However, I have been keeping tabs on a few online coupon sites and storing up my kroger coupons and keeping watch on the kroger weekly ad... and I am proud to announce that today I saved $50!! That is 1/3 of my total purchase! I even stockpiled a few items and bought a few extra items (without a sale or coupon) that I needed for a few special treats I am making this week (like my nana's chocolate pie! mmmm). I am so pumped! I also appreciate that Kroger ALWAYS takes my expired coupons. This is a life saver for a non-coupon guru like myself because I usually don't want to buy something until I need it and will forget it several times before actually remembering to use it.
All in all, today has been a wonderful day to be domestic. Cleaned house (including the tub/shower eek), took Drew lunch at work, saved at the store (and got at least 2 weeks worth of lunch and dinners) and got another book I had on reserve at the Library! woo hoo. Now I am going to put my feet up for a bit and learn how to birth a baby before getting dinner ready (pesto pasta with my new fresh basil from my organic basil plant!). =)


Joanna J. said...

Good for you! I am a couponing freak...I shop between Wal-Mart/Kroger/Albertsons to get the best coupon and sale combinations every week. It saves us a LOT of money now that I'm a stay-at-home mom.

You're right...most coupons are for junk and processed foods, which we eat very little of. However, I always score great deals on cleaning products, medicine, beauty items, and paper products. I just wish they would print more coupons for fresh produce!

For fresh meat, I usually buy the mark-downs that are about to expire, then use them immediately or freeze for later.

By the way, your dinner sounds delicious!

Joanna :)

Anonymous said...

so, I really want to know...did it work? did you learn to birth a baby before getting dinner that night
sl ( oh, my! I just realized that Stella will have the same initials that I have :) well, first and last at least)

the lewisi female said...

I did learn how to birth a baby... well from the mental standpoint at least... we'll see how well the information stuck here in a couple of weeks!