Sunday, September 20, 2009


It finally happened... I got the Linville to come to the Louisville.
My best friend from high school is in the traveling tour of Wicked and she has been dancing (literally and figuratively) all around the surrounding area but never in Louisville! We finally got our acts together and realized that when she was in Nashville she would be too close for us not to get together. I think I have only seen her two or three times, in person, since High School, which is crazy because we basically lived at each other's houses in HS.
She was supposed to come and visit two Mondays ago but car rentals were closed for Labor Day. Then this past Monday as she was carrying a suit case to the car to drive here she fell and sprained her ankle! NO WAY! So the trip was cancelled and she had to go to the emergency room. Well, since she is a dancer, this also meant no work for a while so she can heal. So... Saturday she was able to come to town!
It actually worked out perfect because I sent Drew on a weekend camping trip (more on that later) and was going to be home alone all day Saturday and Sunday and I HATE staying over night by myself. So Lauren came and we had a girls night!
Right before she got here I realized (at the hair salon) that my wallet was/is missing from my purse, but thankfully I had enough cash to pay for my hair cut and for fun stuff during the weekend (yes, this was money from my birthday in January). So things got off to a crazy start... But I don't think we stopped talking from the minute she walked in until she left today at lunch. We sat on the couch and talked until dinner last night and then hung out with some friends from our Community Group. Then we talked until midnight, got up and went to the early service at church, had brunch and talked until lunch... then she had to head back to Nashville. It was such a refreshing time and such a blessing to be able to reconnect with some one who I have so many memories with from back in the day! I can truly see how the Lord is using her in AMAZING and challenging ways to bring his kingdom into some very unreached places.
Since we did so much gabbing, I forgot to take any pictures... plus we really didn't DO anything but sit on the couch and talk... a lot. I didn't even show her the seminary or anything... though she did get to go to our church, which is probably the most important thing to us here in Lville.
So, in leu of a current pic... here is us... looking basically the same... back in the day.

ok ok, so maybe she looks the same and I look slightly different... slightly...larger... *insert moment of silence for pre- pregnancy bodies everywhere* =)

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